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Soil &
Potting Medium

No matter what you're planting, our soil is your ground zero. We carry a wide variety of planting mixtures from basic to premium, as well as all of the add-ons, no matter your planting needs! We carry quality worm castings, peat moss, perlite, charcoal, orchid medium and more.

planting tools.png

Planting Tools

We carry all of the tools you need to create your own plantings at home! Mini shovels, brushes, rubber bellows, gardening gloves and more.


Growers pots

Every great planting starts with a growers pot, hidden beneath the beautiful decorative pot of your choosing. We stock a huge variety of shapes and size, and heights for growers pots. We also stock orchid pots as often as we can get them!

plant food.png

Plant Food

If your looking to improve your plant care routine, check out our stock of Schultz Plant food! It's a tried and true classic that we use in store, and we carry it for tropicals, cacti and succulents.


Plant Care

We Have everything you need to give your plants the best possible care! We stock moss poles and trellises, plant shears, moisture meters, spray bottles and watering cans, grow lights, and so much more.


Rocks &

Check out our beautiful selection of decorative rocks, sand and stones! Ideal for mediums in your terrariums, or topping off a decorative planter, we carry a variety of colours, perfect for any look.

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