Wandering Jew plants are fast growing, easy- care plants that are perfect to hang in front of a window that gets bright indirect light. The zebrina variety has long vines covered in small stemless leaves about 2” in length. The colorful patterned leaves are green with purple stripes and a silver shine. The underside of the leaf is a deep purple or magenta color. 

Wandering Jew plants like  bright indirect light. The better the light, the more flowers and colorful leaves a Wandering Jew plant produces. Direct sun causes the purple and cream colors in the leaves to fade.

Water well and then allow the top 2" to 3" of soil to dry out before watering again. If the soil of a Wandering Jew plant stays too dry and the plant is in  bright light, the leaves become stunted and lose color. Over watering causes root rot.

Wandering Jewel (Tradescantia Zebrina)

  • 8" Hanging Basket