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Beneficial Bugs

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An unfortunate reality of caring for plants is that you may encounter pests that take a liking to your plant. Common harmful pests include spider mites, fungus gnats, thrips, mealybugs and scale. Bugs and plants go together quite naturally, but not all are harmful! Some are beneficial such as ladybugs, and certain types of mites which are predators of many of the bugs that can harm your plants. At Treefrog, our favourite way of dealing with pests that are harmful to plants is the introduction of beneficial predatory bugs! These include mites such as, Cucumeris for thrips, Fallacis for spider mites, Anystis, a voracious generalist, as well as two types of soil mites, Gaeolaelaps and Stratiolaelaps for fungus gnats and thrips. If you are experiencing pest problems or just want to apply for prevention fill out our form below or by phone to collaborate on a solution and place your order!

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