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We carry a variety of cement statues including Buddhas, Animal figures, and other novelty designs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, they will without a doubt brighten up your space while setting the vibe that you're looking for. 



Our baskets come in all different sizes, and are ideal for whatever your needs are, be it storage or decor! Try picking out a basket in place of a ceramic pot for your new plant to create a unique and rustic look.



We have the perfect addition for your garden this summer with our variety of beautiful, fun and sophisticated fountains! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, these fountains turn any environment into an oasis.


Ceramic Statues

Check out our ceramic statues for a delicate decor look. These painted novelty figures will look beautiful featured among your plants, adding a whimsical ambience to any space. Take a walk around the store and see what creatures you can find!


Metal Decor

We carry metal decor for your home including metal animal figures, artistic wall hangings, and wind chimes which are perfect as a decor piece in your home or outside in your garden!

metal hangers.jpeg

Hangers &

We’ve got you covered as far as where you'll put your new plant. Check out our variety of metal hooks, with simple and chic as well as novelty designs, you can hang anything on these hooks, including your new hanging plants! We also stock a variety of types of wall hanging as well as free standing shelving units!

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